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(AKA Colour POP WOW!)

I received the wonderful news that ‘Tonality’ #sold #online with @artsper_ through @_the_art_movement_ #gallery

I love this one-off piece of #contemporaryart with the #unique dip of the wing on these #peace crane #origami birds. The #artwork was #designed as a #celebration of #colour , peace, love and #harmony with its #rainbow tones as well as the ‘messenger of peace’ meaning to the #fold and #design . The statue at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park of Sadako Sasaki reads: ‘This is my cry, this is my prayer, peace in the #world

(Photo taken on the night of the PV of my solo show in London, May 2018)

Whether it’s Brexit, Gender balance, Climate change, Cancer research, or any of the many worthy and necessary causes that we invest our time, energy and passion into championing and fighting for, I’m pleased that in every location where my artwork lands there is a little nudge in the piece (and on the card) to being a messenger of ‘peace and love’ in the world.



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