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Swan in Situ, The Handmade Fair
Yellow Pages Origami Swan
New Leaf Same Story
Peace Tapestry
New Leaf Same Story 2012-13
Eternity Knot 2013

These sculptures and installations are created with hundreds of hand folded cranes and modular units.

  • The swans were created at The Handmade Fair, Hampton Court Palace, London.

  • The installation is of the origami peace crane, hand folded from the bible, with photographs of stained glass shadows cast on the floor of the Bayeux Cathedral, France, projected onto the work. It is aptly named 'Peace Tapestry'.


This work uses origami as a basis for exploring conceptual art to explore topics of fact, fiction, faith, history, tradition, legend, religion, ritual, routine...These are all areas of interest, exploration and intrigue that spark ideas for Caroline's work.


When Caroline is not folding for her framed pieces she is folding one thousand cranes for an installation called 'Peace Be With You'. These are wall-hangings that allow the origami freedom to move, cast shadows and emphasise their delicacy and fragility similar to those hung at temples and shrines. 

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