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Presidential Suite Commission

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International

I was fortunate to create two large pieces of origami art for this luxurious cruise ship ready for the launch. Working for ICArt (International Corporate Art) Miami and Oslo, it was an amazing experience.

Channel 4 TV created a documentary about life onboard and it really does look magnificent. It can be seen here and online:

I include the plans below for reference, and I hope to one day see them in real life or on screen at the very least!

If you’ve been and seen them please do send photos, thank you. Alternatively, if you’d like to commission your very own origami artwork from me, then do get in touch.

Safe travels, stay creative and happy, and when we can’t travel, we can dream...


P.S. I’m delighted that I was contacted after this post with a link to where the artwork can clearly be seen!

I can’t believe it that I finally get to see them! Woohoo!

I love seeing them in situ and what an amazing showcase of them in this walkthrough:

  • Living room x 2 by the kitchenette and above the sofa

  • Excellent views of the artwork on intro and at 1min+

  • A great range of angles and close ups while he talks

Enjoy, and get in touch if you’d like to own your own...

Best wishes and thank you for reading and watching,



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