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YOU magazine: Mail on Sunday feature!


I had the exciting new yesterday from the Creative Director that the feature was going ahead and that the artwork looked “ACE” !

I’m so proud that my 3 origami figures were selected to illustrate the concept of women investing money across the 4 pages of the piece written by Merryn Somerset Webb.

It is an excellent and informative feature titled ‘HOW TO MAKE MONEY LIKE A MAN’ in the YOU SPECIAL REPORT which can be found on pages 54-57 published 24 MARCH 2019.

In case you missed it, and to show how the origami artwork sits across the pages, I am of course going to share it with you now because I couldn’t believe how big they were on the page! I think they look stunning!

Even better, my name is big on the page in bold and my website features on the last page! The team at YOU also loved that I wanted to keep it a surprise for my parents! Now I know that they’ve read it (would’ve loved to Ben a fly on the wall when they found out!!) I’m publicly sharing for the first time!!!!


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