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Slideshow 1: Framed Contemporary Origami Art

Slideshow 2: 'Octagonal Series' Framed Modular and Single Sheet Origami

Slideshow 3: Framed Craftworks with Poetry and Special Text

Slideshow 4: Framed and Window Mounted Work


Uniquely designed and hand folded origami artwork. Sold in box frames to protect and emphasise the 3D qualities of the origami. The shadows they cast give new dimensions to the work throughout the day. Created using kozo and awagami traditional origami papers celebrated for their durability.



As well as exhibiting her work, Caroline makes one-off commissions to celebrate Wedding's, Anniversaries, the birth of a child, unique gifts and bespoke colour schemes for stylish and contemporary home and corporate interiors. These can be personalised with your own text such as a poem/song/vows and own papers: contact her to discuss your ideas and commission a piece.


Caroline is represented by the Art Movement Gallery, London, who exhibit and sell her work internationally with the Affordable Art Fair.


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42x42cm Exhibited: Somerset, Devon